At first glance, what many see in superbikes is their ability to tear away at breakneck speeds. The toys always have a look that screams ‘I am raring to go, fast.’ The second feeling that comes to a casual observer is the risk that comes with these machines taking to the road at these outrageous speeds.

What most bikers will tell you, however, is that the most accidents and incidents they encounter rarely have anything to do with speed. Most rides that involve speed begin and end gracefully; it is casual ones that end catastrophically.

Bike accidents usually result from a lapse in concentration. They are caused by failure to see a turn in the road, miscalculations when overtaking, panic and other such poor reactions. These things don’t usually happen when a bike is moving at full speed.

When speeding, the mind is called to full alertness. It is difficult to focus on anything else except the road. The rider knows full well that their body is moving as fast as the bike itself, and this causes them to produce alertness hormones.

Don’t Ride if You can’t Concentrate

Whatever you do, do not ride when your brain is operating at lower than optimum levels. When under any kind of stress, you should avoid riding altogether. Take time to calm down and relax before getting on the road again.

Alcohol and Drugs

The influence of alcohol or any other kind of drug hurts your concentration. As much as possible, try to avoid combining drinking and riding. No matter how good a rider you think you are, intoxication will deceive you when riding.


Fatigue is just as bad. If you have been working for long shifts, there is always the possibility of performing poorly behind the handlebars, more so over long distances. Whereas a lapse in concentration can be corrected when driving a vehicle (though you should not drive under fatigue either), there is little chance for redemption if it happens when riding.

Gear and Bike Maintenance

You might be surprised to learn that your riding gear affects your concentration too. Riding without a helmet, for instance, exposes you to distraction in the form of wind and small insets/particles that could get into your eyes and blind you. Not having a proper jacket will call your brain’s attention to the biting cold and prevent you from focusing properly on operating the bike.

While paying attention to all the above, remember to maintain your bike in good condition too. If one part is faulty, it is likely to jeopardize the functioning of the entire bike’s system. Always pay attention to small incidents as soon as they occur.

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