One of the pleasures of owning a motorbike is to head off on a road trip whenever you want. However, as you have limited space in which to store your gear, you need to be selective about what to take with you. Unless, of course, you are actually lucky enough to own the likes of a Honda Goldwing, which has spacious panniers or top boxes. Unfortunately, the rest of us might have to make do with a rucksack!

Keep Fresh on the Road

Health, hygiene, and safety are essential, and you should be able to find smaller travel versions of your favorite toiletries. The basics should include a toothbrush and toothpaste, soap, deodorant, and maybe a razor or a hairbrush. There is no reason to neglect your skincare, and you should pack retinol night cream, which will calm your skin after a long day on the road. As it contains Retinol 8, it has the advantage of helping with anti-aging.

Be Prepared for All Weathers

The weather can change within minutes, so you need to be prepared for all eventualities. Waterproof clothing is a must-have ready to cope with any downpours. Different layers that you can add or remove will be helpful when the temperatures fall or rise. If you are lucky enough to see glorious sunshine, don’t forget the sunscreen. Being in the sun can prematurely age your skin, so remember to use your retinol night cream to reverse any damage.

Breakdowns Can Happen

Even if you regularly maintain your motorcycle, there may be an occasion when it breaks down unexpectedly. A basic repair kit should solve most problems, especially punctures, which are relatively simple to fix yourself. Always make sure that your roadside assistance membership is up to date and that you have their telephone number handy. And it goes without saying, keep an eye on your fuel gauge as you don’t want to be stranded miles from a garage.

Preparing for a road trip doesn’t take too long. Knowing you have everything to hand, including your retinol night cream, can lead to an enjoyable experience.

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