If you love motorcycles, then every trip will be a pleasure. The anticipation of planning the journey, getting on the bike, riding through the countryside; all these details add up to an enjoyable experience. However, there can be some downsides to motorbike trips, and sometimes you just can’t wait to get home and relax! Poor weather, such as heavy rain and snow, is not pleasant to ride in, and neither is trying to get through rush hour traffic.

Hobbies to Relieve Stress

Once you have stripped off your protective motorcycle gear, it’s time to relax and forget any stress. Many people like to have an indoor hobby, to take their mind off what happened earlier in the day. Looking after plants is a rewarding pastime, and beginners can learn from https://getplanta.com if they are not sure where to start. This is a handy app with many helpful tips that ensure you will not harm your plants.

Planning a Long Journey

As a keen motorcyclist, you might have the opportunity to go on a lengthy trip, maybe for a couple of weeks or more. As exciting as this is, you need to plan a few things in advance. Check for any alarm lights on your bike. One of your considerations should be the care of your plants. You could ask your neighbors to pop in and take a look at the plants. Show them how to use the https://getplanta.com app, which you can set up in advance with a watering schedule.

Buying New Plants

While you are away on your journey, if you are visiting somewhere different, you may come across a new plant species you would like to buy. If you are not sure what conditions it requires, use the https://getplanta.com app for advice. Of course, you may have to wait until you get home before you buy it, rather than risk damaging it by putting the plant in your motorbike pannier! Once home, you can also use the light meter on the getplanta app to check if there is not too much shade for your new plant.

The two hobbies of motorcycling and indoor gardening are a great match!

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