Nothing worries motorcyclists and motorists in general like the illumination of the Check Engine light. For starters, this is an orange illumination on the dashboard that comes on when the computer notices a malfunction within the engine, especially the fuel system.

The Check Engine light was designed to alert riders when there is something that needs to be checked. Many motorists ignore the warning light, and this can be disastrous at times. In most cases, the Check Engine light denotes a minor problem, so it is not a cause for alarm, but it could sometimes point to something more serious.

What Causes the Check Engine Light to Come On

Just like with cars, the Check Engine light in motorcycles can be caused by many things. The slightest problem, for example, bad fuel, a dead or loose battery, or a loose gas cap could cause the warning light to illuminate. In some cases, it could be a more serious issue, for example, worn-out plugs, and fouled lead wires, failing sensors, bad catalytic converter, among other causes.

What to Do When the Check Engine Light Comes On

The Check Engine light illumination should be addressed immediately. If it comes on when riding the bike, it’s important that you visit a service center for attention. Riding your motorcycle with the Check Engine light on can cause further problems and set you back a lot of money than it would if you had sought mechanical attention earlier on.

While some minor problems can be identified easily, it’s always recommended to go for a computer diagnosis. The advantage of computerized diagnosis is that the scanner generates codes specific to the problem that causes the Check Engine light to come on, thus avoiding any wild guesses as to what is happening.

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