Indeed, you’re not supposed to engage in heavy tasks while healing from breast augmentation. But as the surgeons at advise, you can do some light exercises such as walking, cycling, and house chores like cooking. If motorcycle riding is your thing, then you’re also free to cruise around as long as you’re managing your speed well and are wearing safety gear. However, you may want to keep the bike well-maintained. Here are two easy maintenance tasks you can do at home while still recovering from your breast surgery.

Replace the Oil

This is essential after completing a certain number of miles as indicated in the owner’s manual. It involves little effort. Start by switching off the engine and removing the drain and fill plugs (typically located at the bottom and top of the engine, respectively). Drain all the oil into a drain pan, replace the drain plug, refill the engine with new oil, and replace the fill plug. Switch on the engine, allow it to warm, and then you’re ready to ride.

Clean the Motorcycle

Cleaning your motorcycle simply involves washing it. You can wash literally every external part with water. Rinse well and wipe it dry. You can do it manually or use a pressure washer. Either way, nothing will strain your healing breasts.

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