Motorcycle tires are essential components in keeping the bike on the road. However, they are constantly affected by dirt and grease on the road, with debris and bugs from the air and with grit and dust from brakes. Cleaning and maintaining the motorcycle tires is vital in ensuring that they are always in good contact with the ground.

Assess Wear and Tear

The basics first, check the tire for any signs of wear in the rubber, punctures, and damage. You can check out for the problems again once you have washed the tire well. While starting to was the tires ensure that there are no loose bolts and nuts.

Clean the Tires

Use a good clean to wash off all the dirt around the tires. Using harsh washes that have chemicals can corrode the frame and the wheel. Wash and wax the tires using a good motorcycle wash and wax formula while adding anti-corrosion formula that will prevent the tire frame and the wheelbase from corrosion.

Check Tread Levels

Adequate tire tread ensures the integrity of the tire and allows water to be driven away from the contact patch, helping keep grip under wet conditions. The big indication that the tread is worn is if the rubber is smooth. A replacement is needed if the rubber bleeds into the wear bars.

Check Tire Pressure

Use the tire gauge to check the air pressure. This device goes over the vent on the inside edge of the tire and shoots out on the other end of the gauge. Check this a few times to ensure an accurate reading. The tire pressure needs to be the same as what is recommended by the motorcycle manufacturer in the manual. If it’s less, add more pressure at a local gas station.

Under-inflation can reduce the tire life, increase fuel consumption, fatigue cracking, affect the motorcycle cornering and damage the tire, causing tire failure. On the other hand, riding on tires containing too much air can be hazardous. The tires are at risk of being broken by sudden impact, punctured or be cut.


Lubricate the wheels’ bearings and look out for any signs of damage. It is dangerous to ride on damaged tires as they can fail, causing accidents. Have your tires inspected regularly by your local dealer for any damages.

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