One of the proper ways of maintaining your motorcycle is learning how to clean and lube the motorcycle chain. The process is not complicated and only takes at least 15 minutes, and it will play a vital role in lengthening the life and performance of the motorcycle chain and sprockets.

1. What’s your Chain Type?

How to get the grime off depends on the type of motorcycle chain you own. A plain motorcycle chain has metal-on-metal links without a seal in between. Thus, it calls for aggressive cleaning compared to sealed motorcycle chains. Sealed chains have a rubber seal between the inner and outer link to keep the grease inside the bushing cavity and pin. The design is ideal for gentle cleaning and extends the durability of the chain.

2. Position

It is a lot easier if you clean your motorcycle chain while the bike has a paddock stand or a center stand. These options allow the rear wheel as well as the motorcycle chain to spin freely, allowing for more efficient application of chain lube and cleaner.

3. Chain and Sprockets

Getting an up close and personal with your chain while cleaning offers an excellent opportunity to examine the current state of its overall well-being. Look out for chain wear and whether it’s due for replacement. Check out whether the master link is secure and also examine your sprockets. Sprockets teeth tips should always be flat.

4. Chain Cleaner with Spray Chain

You can opt for a chain cleaner or use kerosene to dissolve the dirt particles and existing lubricant on the chain. Be liberal when applying kerosene on the chain because its cheap and the chain comes at a high cost.

5. Scrub the Chain

Having soaked the motorcycle chain use a chain brush to get the dirt off. Be thorough as a clean surface gives room for better adhesion of the motorcycle chain lube.

6. Re-Spray

When done cleaning your motorcycle chain, re-soak it with your preferred cleaning agent, Blast any

remnants of chain grime as gunk kills motorcycle chains. A re-spray with a good spray makes the chain look better and last longer.

7. Dry the Chain

A dry surface makes the motorcycle chain lube adhere better to the chain. Dry the chain and get rid of any chain cleaner before lubricating. Use a dry cloth to dry the chain surface.

8. Lubricate

After the chain is clean and dry, apply the lubricant to all sides evenly.

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