Different brakes serve when you’re coming to a controlled stop, slowing down for a turn or when baking in varying road conditions. Here are ways to use your brakes properly when coming to a controlled stop.

  • Start braking at the best time, depending on your speed. Always apply your brakes to keep a safe distance between you and any cars in front of you.
  • Be aware of surrounding and other traffic so that you can brake when the need arises.
  • Your stopping time and distance will be shorter if your bike has ABS braking..
  • Ease off the throttle to avoid causing stress on your transmission and brake pads.
  • When minimizing the speed use your toe to press the rear brake lever. Avoid putting too much force to stop your rear tire from locking and causing you to lose control.
  • To ease stopping, squeeze the front brakes simultaneously with two fingers
  • Holding the clutch to assist you in slowing down and to shift into lower gears
  • Before you get to your stop shift down to your first gear. Keeping your bike on its lowest gear enables you to get a smooth start or stop while riding.

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