Are electric motorcycles worth the hype or you’d rather stick to the gas options? In this article, we look at the advantages and disadvantages of either option.

Electric Motorcycles

The main advantage of electric motorcycles is zero emissions. This is because there is no fuel combustion involved, unlike gas engines that smoke the environment. Another advantage of electric motorcycles is the low running costs. It is cheaper to charge the battery from the mains that footing the rising cost of gas. A sleek bike like Zero S will fully charge using around $3, and that is enough to cover 190 miles. With electric motorcycles, the maintenance costs are also lower. No regular servicing is required like with gas engines.

It’s great that most riders are embracing electric motorcycles. But unfortunately, they are quite expensive. A good electric bike like Harley Davidson LiveWire will set you back around $30,000. Replacing the battery is equally expensive. Another shortcoming is the mileage per charge. The long recharge times mean you are grounded for some hours to recharge the bike.

Gas Motorcycles

The most popular motorcycles remain the gas engine bikes. While they may not be as Eco-friendly like their electric counterparts, some are very efficient and burn less fuel. Their main advantage is the power and also the unlimited mileage. You can go for as long as you want as long as you spare a few minutes at the gas station.

The problem with gas engines is the pollution from the emissions (burnt fuel). You should also be prepared for regular servicing, at least oil and oil filter change. With the rising costs of gas, it’s more expensive to run a gas motorcycle.


So, which is the best option between a gas motorcycle and an electric model?

Well, it depends on your needs. If you want a motorcycle for affordable, daily commuting, an electric bike is the best choice. Also, buy an electric bike if you’re going green – the conservation of the environment is our responsibility.

But for the hardcore rider who wants power and peak performance, there is no better choice than a gas engine. The market has enough high-performance engines and parts, as well as resources. In fact, most motorcycle racing sports use gas engines.

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