Should you buy a new motorcycle or you’d rather spend the amount on a used bike with higher specifications? This is among the many questions our readers have been asking us. We won’t tell you which is the best option, but we’ll be kind enough to share with you the advantages and disadvantages of either option.

New Motorcycles

It’s every rider’s dream to sport a new bike, in its sleek original shape. That’s the first advantage of a new bike over a used one. The parts are all new, and the performance is excellent. With a new bike, you don’t have to worry about mechanical history, accidents or such. The maintenance of a new bike is also cheaper both in terms of efficiency and general condition of the bike.

But on the downside, the prices of new motorbikes are exuberant. The cost of a new bike is definitely higher. Also, the fact that tax is a percentage of the bike’s value means you’ll end up paying more as motorcycle sales tax compared to a rider buying a used motorcycle. The insurance cost of a new bike is also higher.

Used Motorcycles

These days, buying a used motorcycle is not as risky as it was before. With Motor Vehicle History Reports, buyers can easily find out if the motorcycle has ever been salvaged, junked, recalled, or stolen.

Unfortunately, motorcycle history may not guarantee you a genuine deal all the times, but it works most of the time. The scare with used motorcycles is buying one with underlying mechanical problems. It’s also hard to find a clean used bike in impeccable condition.

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